Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A year or so ago...

a year exactly has passed and back.....

up to my old blogging shit!....u ready?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Well in the general section of my life...

I am super excited to see my lil sis FeeFee graduated from Air Force basic training in a couple of weeks.

*tear* I'm so PROUD of her!!!

and I can't wait to see her and also see her in her uniform. She started another chapter in her life altho I feel left behind b/c I haven't left for basic yet. I'm sure she can't wait to start her new life as her own person sure it's been weird being 1/2 of a whole (twins) her whole life. I know it was for me! But as her other half i'll be patient and wait my turn.

lol...Ima take a face towel b/c I know I'll be crying at her graduation....I've always been the "mother hen" outta the 2 of us hahahaha

Tug of War....

Well where do I begin?....have alot of feelings running through my mind right now....figured I'd right it all down

Relationship wise I just don't know what I want anymore.....of course me leaving ,and at this point, soon

im having alot of anxiety about my future and how,when & who I'm going to share it with....don't know if I should invest fully in someone considering my circumstances at the time or is it worth it for me to just wait & see where my love life takes me.....either way I don't wanna waste my time! Especially since time can not be taken back....

Whom I kinda have in mind for this I just don't know....can't read them like most people I can see through which further frustrates lol....

Oh what happen to the days when it wasn't all so complicated lol....

Had to get that weight lifted off of my mind and chest b4 it drives me crazy....lol

Monday, August 10, 2009


So yea you'll be seeing alot more posts from me...who knew the iPhone app store had a blog app that connets to my blog page?!....I didnt...... EPIC!

i dont care what they say about apple or at&t.....iPhone is THE SHIT!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

picture this....

While gone I've also managed to begin and get my photography small business I'm the works. KL Photography so I'll post a few photos and tell me what you think all critizism wanted... :)

K.London Photography (kesh.london.photography)




Life begins....

Hey guys miss me?....I've been gone on quite a little hiatus huh? Lol not gonna make any excuses for you...

I've simply just been busy lol

Enjoying life,family, relationships & finding myself.
Yes finding myself how during the time I was gone I had to find out to become my own person. Me and ny twin sister after 21 years have come to the point in a twins life where we both go our seperated ways, start our own lives & find our own identity...

We've always said (like I'm sure anyother twins have said) we always wanted to be our own person....let me tell you it's easier said then done. As the independent person I have always been I never knew I was counter dependent on a person vice versa so much than recently....

A chapter in my life has begun...altho it's sad it's also very exciting can't wait to see what the future holds :)

Girl Law #7

i know you gonna dig this....lol

•Dont constantly complain to your friends about your man/relationship.

Sidenote: Especially if you always go back to them or it's an off/on relationship. You look dumb/weak...

It  gives your friends a lasting negative perception of your partner...

The time you are talking to your friends about your relationship problems, you could of communicated those words to your partner towards a solution... 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yea it's kinda like that....

How come you don't make time for me anymore
That's the last thing she said to you
And now when you call she don't answer anymore
Or the line is busy and you can't get through

In the time it would take you to learn from your mistakes
In the time it would take to dial the phone
In the time it will take you to realize her greatness, she'll be gone, she's moved on
To someone who takes the time

Her love wasn't her priority to you
You had other things on your mind
And now that it's much to little and so far too late
The busy signals all that's left behind
You're all alone

In the time it would take you to learn from your mistakes
In the time it would take to dial the phone
In the time it will take you to realize her greatness, she'll be gone, she's moved on
To someone who takes the time

Hey, no one knows what they have until they don't
And by then it doesn't matter anymore
You're all alone

In the time it would take you to learn from your mistakes
In the time it would take to dial the phone
And the time it would take you to realize her greatness, she'll be gone (she'll be gone)
In the time it will take you to realize her greatness, she'll be gone, she's moved on

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Guess I'll jump right in this. So I've been spending enjoying time with a old friend again. That I use to talk to bout a year ago. I can really say I'm enjoying his company alot. Care about him actually because he makes it so easy. More so we can just talk. Told him I was going/ leaving for the air force even tho I'm not sure of the date. Only problem I'm having which concerns myself, is that I can see/feel myself getting attached to him. Although this is good & bad at the same time. Kinda don't know what to do. The first time I was initially spending time with him I really cared about him. Lol kinda like last week when I was outta time I was texting him the while time. While I was having a good time on vacation he was on my mind the whole time. So it's not like these feeling are coming out of the blue. I know it's not really far to ask someone to not really wait but more so see if it can work and we can continue seeing that I'm leaving. I dunno I'm
just really confused right now with the whole situation as well as other things in my life right now.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AlbumReview: Maxwell Blacksummer'snight

Yesterday Macwell dropped his 1st album of his 3 part trilogy. All I can say is WHAT a comeback. I am a lover of GOOD, REAL music an that's what this cd is. In a time where everyone in the music industry is catering & wateringdown music not to mention an all around closemind market of music lovers. This is a grown, sexy, smooth, soulful album. My top picks on the album would be #StopTheWorld a beautiful love appreciation Ballard. Of course #PrettyWings, then there is #FistFulOfTears which portrays the struggles of loving one another in relationship & mending it. other tracks include #PlayingPossum, #Love, #Cold and my least favorite PhoneixRising. My only complaint would be the album only has 9 tracks 8 really because #9 he isn't singing it's more so an instrumental. However the power & depth of the other ones make up for it.